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The Sewing Corner, Bay Avenue at Executive Towers.

Our Story

I landed dreamy eyed in Dubai from Lebanon, just as many expatriates do, a few years ago. The city proved much more exciting that I could have ever imagined. Not only did I build a blossoming career in private banking, I also enjoyed the cultural diversity and progressive vibe of this metro city.


Mid year 2012, I started mustering up courage to chase my real dream – building my own legacy with the aim to create happy experiences for all my clients. I believe I was destined to get into the tailoring line of business. What helped spur my passion was how I and my husband both brought to the table the needed knowhow - my country Lebanon known for being somewhat a style icon, and my husband hailing from Pakistan rich with textile variety and tailoring skills.


Together we put our ideas in action and over the last 10 years with relentless focus on building customer trust and experience, we have made The Sewing Corner a strong brand with a network of branches across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 


Nancy Nawar

Nancy Nawar, the proud startup female entrepreneur who hung up her gloves in banking and put her faith in a venture close to her heart.
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