Tailoring Shop

Not Your Typical Tailoring Shop

If you aren't from Dubai it doesn't take long to notice a few things that stand out about the people here, like the way they dress. From the residents to the visitors, and the seasonal guests, Dubai is home to style, fashion, and custom-fit tailored clothing. This buzzing metropolis isn't only a major tourist attraction because of its culture, nightlife, scenery, and attractions. One of the reasons people come to Dubai is to experience its fashion and style, like the looks and fit found at a local tailoring shop.

Welcome to The Sewing Corner, a local Dubai tailoring shop, but so much more. There isn't much that is typical about Dubai, from a night out on the town to a day shopping at one of the countless treasure coves of shopping complexes, to our tailoring shop. We invite you to stop in for a tailored outfit, an alteration, and many other options (e.g. same-day service) at our tailoring shop boutique.

We are The Sewing Corner and we are not your typical tailoring shop boutique. Contact us now for an appointment or to talk to someone about our services and let us help you look anything but typical too.