Our Story

I landed dreamy eyed in Dubai from Lebanon, just as many expatriates do, a few years ago. The city proved much more exciting that I could have ever imagined. Not only did I build a blossoming career in private banking, I also enjoyed the cultural diversity and progressive vibe of this metro city.


Mid year 2012, I started mustering up courage to chase my real dream – building my own legacy with the aim to create happy experiences for all my clients. I believe I was destined to get into the tailoring line of business. What helped spur my passion was how I and my husband both brought to the table the needed knowhow - my country Lebanon known for being somewhat a style icon, and my husband hailing from Pakistan rich with textile variety and tailoring skills.


Together we put our ideas in action and a year later in November 2013, I was proudly announcing the opening of our boutique outlet The Sewing Corner.


Nancy Nawar

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